Thursday, March 22, 2012

Princess Academy, Shannon Hale

Princess Academy, Shannon Hale
***** (5 Stars) from KATIE (age 15)
I have read this book (not even kidding) six times. Princess Academy is an amazing book that is absolutely in my top 15. It's about Miri, a young fourteen year old girl who lives with her family on Mount Eskel, high and far away from the "lowlander's land". When the King's ambassador comes to the small village and announces that the future princess will be one of their very own, every girl, ages 12 to 17, including Miri, is expected to attend a "Princess Academy" with the understanding that in one year's time they would be presented to the Prince at a ball.
When danger comes to the academy, Miri is the one who must swallow her fear and find a way to save her classmates. The Princess Academy is a wonderful story about strength, courage, determination and the will to persevere when things get hard.  Princess Academy is the winner of the 2006 Newbery Honor Award  and is a New York Times Bestseller (for very,very good reasons!!!)
This is not just a girl book (even though the title may lead you to think otherwise, this is NOT a Cinderella story) so I would recommend this book for anyone. 10+

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