Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DragonSpell, Donita K. Paul

DragonSpell  (Dragon Keeper Chronicles Book 1), Donita K. Paul
****(4 Stars)
2005 Christy Honor Award Winner (Awards given to best novels written with Christian Worldview)
Fantasy.  DragonSpell is a great book about a 14 year old girl Kale, who has the unique talent of being able to find dragon eggs. Her talent leads her to Vendela, the center of magic and commerce in Amara, the country where Kale lives, but before she can get there she is sent on a quest to go save a dragon egg from the evil magician Risto, who holds it captive in his dark fortress. Throughout her quest Kale meets many friends and many enemies, and she even gets to meet Paladin, the ruler of Amara, who is actually Jesus in a different world (kind of like Aslan in Narnia). Good and evil is clearly defined, and DragonSpell is written by a Christian author with Christian elements. MOM ALERT- GOOD AND BAD DRAGONS.  A good book for almost everyone; I won't even give an age limit.

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  1. I LOVE this series. It's so different... as in, there's not a lot of "climax" to each book, since it's more about the journey? Ya know? VERY interesting writing. Have you read her other run? Vanishing sculpter is it?