Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Common Sense, Thomas Paine

Common Sense, Thomas Paine
***** (5 stars) from KATIE
This is an amazing book! I was studying the American Revolution earlier in the year and this book was such an help.
Thomas Paine anonymously published Common Sense on January 10 of 1776. He wrote it to the general public, encouraging them to rebel against the monarchy. His arguments are unbelievably sound, using the Bible and "common sense" as his references. Unlike most of the Enlightenment writers of the time, Paine wrote Common Sense in a very simple, very ordinary way so more people besides scholars could read it. Within months, it sold over 500,000 copies.
I absolutely loved it because 1. I'm a history nut 2. It actually made sense and 3. His arguments and points were an "ah-ha!" moments to me.
I recommend this book for girls and boys 14+ and I also suggest that you take notes as you read it.

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