Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palace of Mirrors, Margaret Peterson Haddix

Palace of Mirrors, Margaret Peterson Haddix
***** (5 stars) from KATIE
Love this book! Another princess book (princesses are awesome) with a unique storyline which is always fun.
The book tells the story of a girl, Cecelia, who, although living as a peasant in a village is actually the crown princess of her kingdom. A commoner named Desmia is on the throne as a decoy. But as Cecilia gets older she finds it harder to concentrate on her studies. She feels that she's ready to rule.
Secretly, she and her best friend, Harper, run away to the capitol with the intentions of getting Cecilia back on the throne. What happens though, when they get the capitol and find out Desmia wasn't told the same story?
Ooooh, suspense! You'll have to read the book. :)
As for warnings, I can't think of any. There is a little romance (one kiss) but everything is very clean. No language to mention.
I loved the book because of the suspense, mystery and the really great ending. (Every princess book needs to have a good ending. It's a must :)
If you liked Princess Academy or Ella Enchanted you will love this book.
Age recommendation: 12+
If you like this book there is a second book in the series called Just Ella. The books aren't connected in anyway important so you could read either Palace of Mirrors or Just Ella first, it doesn't matter.

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