Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Running Dream, Wendelin Van Draanen

The Running Dream, Wendelin Van Draanen
***** (5 stars) from KATIE
Sports Fiction
I really don't think giving The Running Dream five stars is very fair. It is such a good book it deserves ten stars at least. I love this book so much!!!!
It's about a sixteen year old girl named Jessica who's track team gets into a car accident, leaving her alive, which is good, but minus one leg. She was the star of the track team and her dream was to get a track scholarship for college. After the accident she wasn't even sure she wanted to live anymore. What's life without running?
But her parents and track coach aren't giving up on her. The put her into physical therapy, determined to get her on her feet again, and even more importantly, get her running.
This book is so inspiring (it reminds me of the movie Soul Surfer) and you find yourself cheering for Jessica out loud. It makes you want to get up and work harder toward whatever goal you have.
This book has a special meaning to me because I had a diagnosis that resulted in surgery, leaving me skeptical if I would ever be able to dance again. I can dance now, which is GREAT, but I can relate to Jessica and her doubts very, very well. :)
As for warnings, I don't remember there being any swearing (there might be some "oh my God's" but I don't remember.) I don't think there anything else to mention.
I recommend this book for girls and boys 13+

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