Monday, October 15, 2012

Twenty and Ten, Claire Huchet Bishop

Twenty and Ten, Claire Huchet Bishop
****(4 Stars) Reviewed By Jack 
Historical Fiction. Twenty and Ten takes place in WW2 France, during the time that France was occupied by the Nazis. Janet, the main character, and 20 children from school along with their teacher, Sister Gabriel are sent to the countryside to protect themselves from the Nazis and the war. Everything is fine until one day a mysterious man shows up asking the students if they would hide 10 Jewish children from the Nazis, saying that he cannot pay them and that the risk is high. The children and Sister Gabriel readily agree to shelter the 10 Jewish children, not minding that it would mean smaller rations for all of them. This arrangement goes nicely until one day, while Sister Gabriel was in town shopping for food, two Nazi soldiers appeared, demanding to know where the Jews are hidden.
A very short (only 76 pages) and entertaining book, Twenty and Ten is a great book for children 10+. There's nothing to warn you about in this book as its very child friendly

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