FOR THE PARENTS: Book List Sources & Codes

These are books that contain Book Lists that my mom usually selects books from; they hold some 'weight' with parents and you may find them helpful.  We tried to indicate which books are found on these select lists by using the codes below.  Thank you for your patience as it's a work in progress.

Questions about this?  Contact my mom.

TJE   Oliver DeMille
          A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century-
          Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens
          Appendix A - 100 Classics - 100 Selections from George Wythe College Required Classics List
           Appendix B - Classics for Children and Youth (two lists)
          - used "TJE-GW" for the George Wythe List
          - used "TJE-RA" for parent should read aloud list
          - used "TJE-y" for youth to read and discuss with mentors list

AP     Andrew Pudewa/Excellence in Writing (compiled by Maria Gerber) 
           Books for Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Build Forts All Day
           They had several grade breakdowns.
           - used "APg3-5" for Level A, grades 3-5
           - used "APg6-8" for Level B, grades 6-8
           - used "APg9-12" for Level C, grades 9-12

GH     Gladys Hunt
            Honey for a Child's Heart.
            She categorized books for grades 4-6 and then teens.
            - used "GHg4-6 for grades 4-6 and "GHteen" for teens.

MCT  Michael Clay Thompson
            Classics in the Classroom.
            Mr. Thompson didn't categorize the books by age or grade level and suggests Socrates would have loved that as it's a very personal thing.

MW    Maureen Wittmann
            For the Love of Literature Teaching Core Subjects with Literature
            Ms. Wittman provided several notations to give an idea for age appropriateness.
            - used "MWa" for Adult
            - used "MWh for High School
            - used "MWm" for Middle School
            - used "MWg" for Grade School

WB    William Bennett
            The Educated Child: A Parents Guide From Preschool Through Eighth Grade
            Mr. Bennett breaks the books into Intermediate Grades (4-6) and Junior High.
            - used "WBg4-6" for Intermediate Grades
            - used "WBg7+ for Junior High
MO    Michael O'Brien
A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind
           He categorizes books (roughly, he states) by ages 7-9 and then Intermediate readers 10+, and Adult Titles which he states may be appropriate for older teens.  He gets specific for some titles.  To reflect this, we used "MO" followed by the age recommended by Mr. O'Brien.

LB      Laura Berquist
            Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education
            She has her book lists separated by grade and it is driven mainly by which History Period is covered that school year.

We have tried to flag award winning books as well, including:

NM*    Newbery Medal or Honor Books.   Listed with the year award was given.  See all Newbery Award Winners here.

CA*     Christy Award Winning Books.  See Christy Award Winners here.


  1. Fabulous! Thank you for classifying the lists.

  2. Oh my goodness. I've been searching and compiling and comparing and cutting and pasting book lists in hopes of finding suitable books for a Christian, homeschooled, accelerated 11yo reader. She is particularly drawn to fantasy and science fiction, as well as adventure and mystery. Your information is EXACTLY what I wish I'd found about 5 headaches ago! Thank you so much for your reviews!