This list contains books I've read, traditionally found on Classics Book Lists.  Many are those that my mom suggests that I read, which I often do, only reluctantly and end up really liking them.

My Top Fifty List (the other list) includes both classics and those I read for pure enjoyment.  Of course, "I" think they are classics because if I have them listed high, I have probably read them over and over.

Note: The blue codes indicate that the book can be found on select "Classics Book Lists."
***** 5 STARS (Loved it!  Read multiple times) 
The Bible, God
Animal Farm, George Orwell   AP, TJE-Y,MCT,WBg4-6
Blue Fingers, A Ninja's Tale, Cheryl A. Whitesel AP
D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths, D'Aulaire     MWg
D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths, D'Aulaire     MWg
Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card         AP,TJE-y
Elantris, Brandon Sanderson                    TJE
Johnny Tremain, Esther Forbes (c.1775) AP, MO,GHg4-6,MWm,NA*1944
The Lord of the Flies, William Golding    MCT
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, J.R. Tolkien    AP, TJE, MO
The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury    AP,MCT
The Phantom Tollbooth, Norten Juster    AP, TJE-y,GHg4-6,MW
The Red Badge of Courage, Stephan Crane (c.1861/Civil War)   AP, MW,GHteen+,MWh,WBg4-6
The Time Machine, H.G. Wells    AP,MCT,WBg4-6
Treasure Island, Robert Luis Stevenson   MCT,GHteen+,TJE-y,MWm

****   4 STARS (Really like it, would read again)
Bridge to Terebithia, Katherine Paterson NA*1978
The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth Speare     AP, MWm,MCT,GHg4-6,NA*1962
Cheaper by the Dozen, Gilbreth    MO,GH4-6
The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis    AP, TJE-y, MO,MCT,GHg4-6,MWg
The Communist Manifesto, Engels & Marx (c.1818)     TJE,MCT
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Samuel Clemmens  TJE-y
The Constitution of the United States (1789)     MCT,TJE-y+++,MWg
The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas    AP
Fingal's Quest (c.520 Gaul), Madeline A. Polland   MWm, MO
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, E.L. Conigsburg   MO,MCT,GHg4-6,NA*1968
The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom (c.1939)    TJE-y, MWh, MO,GHteen+
The House of Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne   MCT,WBg4-6
Julie of the Wolves, Jean Craighead George    MCT,GHteen+,NA*1973
To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee (c.1929)    AP,MCT,GHteen+,MWh,WBg4-6
Little Britches, Ralph Moody  TJE-y
Mathemeticians are People, Too (vol 1)  TJE-y
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Pyle   AP,MCT,MWm
The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connel   AP
The Mutany On the Bounty, Charles Nordhoff
My Side of the Mountain, Jean Craighead George MO,GHg4-6,NA*1960
Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens AP,TJE-y
Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe   GHteen+,TJE-y,WBg4-6
St. Isaac and the Indians, Lomask (Vision) c. 1608  MW, MO
Treasure Island, Robert Luis Stevenson (c1600s) MW, MO
The Wind and the Willow, Kenneth Grahame   MCT,GHg4-6,TJE-RA
****   3 STARS  (Was glad I read it, but probably won't read it again)
Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Gray (c.1294) MWm, MO,MCT,NA*1943
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain   AP, TJE-y
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain AP, TJE-y
Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery (c.1800s Canada) TJE-y, MWm, MO,MCT
The Boy Knight of Reims, Eloise Lownsbery MO
A Conneticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court, Mark Twain
Canadian Summer (Mitchells Series Book 2 c.1939), Hilda Van Stockum MO, MWm
The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank (c.1929) MWm,MCT,TJE-y,WBg4-6
The Door in the Wall, Marguerite DeAngeli (c.1300/medievel) MWg, MOa7-9,MCT,GHg4-6,NA*1950
Edmund Campion: Hero of God's Underground, Gardiner (Vision) (c. 1540) MW
Friendly Gables (Mitchells Series Book 3 c.1939), Hilda Van Stockum MO, MWm
The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells  MCT
Ivanhoe (c. 1189), Sir Walter Scott MWh,MCT,TJE-y,WBg4-6
Journey To the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne  GHteen+,TJE-y
Kidnapped, Robert Lewis Stevenson (c.1745) AP, MO,MWh
The Little House on the Prairie Series, Wilder (c. 1860), MW,NA*1938/1942
The Matchlock Gun, Walter D. Edmonds AP, MO,NA*1942
The Mitchells: Five for Victory (Mitchells Series Book 1 c.1939), Hilda Van Stockum MO, MWm
Old Yeller, Fred Gipson MO,NA*1957,TJE-y
St. Anthony and the Christ Child, Homan (Vision) c. 1195) MW
St. Ignatius and the Company of Jesus, Derleth (Vision) (c.1491) MWm
St. Pius X: The Farm Boy Who Became Pope, Dietheim (Vision) MWm
The Story of My Life (1880), Hellen Keller   MCT,MWh,WBg4-6
Twenty Thousand Leauges under the Sea, , Jules Verne    MO,MCT,GHteen+
Where the Red Fern Grows, Rawls   TJE-y,MCT,GHteen+
**   2 STARS (Was OK)
Betsy-Tacy, Maud Hart Lovelace MO
Charlotte's Web, E.B. White    MO,MCT,GHg4-6,TJE-RA
Come Rack, Come Rope, Robert Hugh Benson (c.1533) MWh
Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Eloise Jarvis McGraw (Ancient Egypt)  MO,MWm
Sara, Plain & Tall, Patricia MacLachlan (c.1800s) MWg,MCT,GHg4-6
The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis AP,TJE-GW
The Song at the Scaffold, Gertrude von Le Fort (c.1780) MWh
Sounder, William Armstrong (c.late 1800s)    AP,MCT,GHg4-6,MWm,NA*,MOa10+

* 1 STAR (REALLY didn't like it. Painful to finish, slow read/boring or a "girl book")
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen   TJE-GW, MO
Smoky: the Cowhorse, Will James   MO,GHteen+,NA*1922

Note: The blue codes indicate that the book can be found on select "Classics Book Lists."

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